Release management

Let’s first define what we call alpha, beta, and stable.


Alpha is just a proof of concept. It works on my machine, and it is freshly shipped. Use it at your own risk.


  • It is deployed in production for some bold people
  • There is some rough documentation
  • Most bugs are corrected
  • There is an upgrade path
  • There are backups and restore


  • It is observed
    • grafana dashboard
    • prometheus metrics
    • prometheus alerts
  • The documentation is nice
  • it is deployed in production for more than a dozen of people


  • 1st of September full stack alpha
    • Nextcloud operator
    • RocketChat operator
    • discourse operator
    • release name - Louise Michel
  • 1st of January
    • graduate Nextcloud operator to Beta
    • graduate RocketChat operator to Beta
    • graduate the documentation of to Beta
    • codimd operator alpha
    • proposed release name - Ada Lovelace
  • 1st of May
    • graduate the documentation of to stable
    • graduate Nextcloud operator to stable
    • graduate RocketChat operator to stable
    • graduate discourse operator to stable
    • graduate codimd operator to beta
    • proposed release name - Voltairine de Cleyre