Free training

Thanks to our partner Open Source Politics, they wanted to have a training, and agreed to open it to the public.

Feel free to join the sessions the thursdays, at 10AM Paris time, in french. Mark the dates (links lead to the recorded session):

  • 9 Juillet
    • Docker : Introduction, 12 Factor APP, What is Docker, Installation, Basics, Best practices
  • 16 Juillet
    • Docker Networks, Volumes, Builder, Alpine
  • 23 Juillet
    • Docker : Advanced, Namespace, Multiprocess, 12 Factor App, VM School, Conclusion, User, Logs, Monitoring, Local Storage, Docker Exec
  • (30Juillet - pas de training)
  • (6 Août - pas de training)
  • 13 Août
    • Kubernetes : k8s History, k8s resources, yaml structure, namespace, pod, ReplicaSet, Deployment, Actions, Proxy, Port forward
  • 20 Août
    • Kubernetes : Annotations, labels, service yaml, service description, secrets, ingress, cert-manager, kustomize, scheduler, cluster autto scaler, configmap
  • 27 Août
    • Kubernetes : Architecture, benefits, package manager, Operators, helm, probes, cluster auto scaler
  • 3 Septembre
    • Kubernetes : Operator Maturity Model, Custom Resource, How to build an operator
  • 10 Septembre
    • Kubernetes : RBAC, Moar, Dev Side, Ops Side, Network side, Storage side

We recommend you to be comfortable reading english and have docker already installed.

If you want to sponsor an english training, feel free to contact at indie dot host.