Free training

Thanks to our partner Open Source Politics , they wanted to have a training, and agreed to open it to the public.

  • Docker - Basics 1 : Introduction, 12 Factor APP, What is Docker, Installation, Basics, Best practices
  • Docker - Basics 2 : Networks, Volumes, Builder, Alpine
  • Docker - Advanced : Advanced, Namespace, Multiprocess, 12 Factor App, VM School, Conclusion, User, Logs, Monitoring, Local Storage, Docker Exec
  • Kubernetes - Basics 1 : k8s History, k8s resources, yaml structure, namespace, pod, ReplicaSet, Deployment, Actions, Proxy, Port forward
  • Kubernetes - Basics 2 : Annotations, labels, service yaml, service description, secrets, ingress, cert-manager, kustomize, scheduler, cluster autto scaler, configmap
  • Kubernetes - Advanced 1 : Architecture, benefits, package manager, Operators, helm, probes, cluster auto scaler
  • Kubernetes - Operator : Operator Maturity Model, Custom Resource, How to build an operator
  • Kubernetes - Advanced 2 : RBAC, Moar, Dev Side, Ops Side, Network side, Storage side

We recommend you to be comfortable reading english and have docker already installed .

If you want to sponsor an english training, feel free to contact at indie dot host.